Do you know the difference between a Customer and a Client in Real Estate? In most industries, these terms are interchangeable.

In Real Estate, a Customer is either someone who is yet to sign an Agency Agreement and/or those who sit on the other side of the negotiating table, e.g., Buyers, Sellers, and their Agents. As an Agent, I owe Customers: honesty, fairness, disclosure of all material facts regarding the property, and to operate within the law.

A Client on the other hand is someone who has signed an Agency Agreement, e.g., hired me to represent them, either on the Buyer's side or Seller's side. As an Agent, I owe Clients: loyalty, obedience (within the law), accountability, diligence and care, skill, and disclosure. These are important distinctions.

You should know when you are being represented and when you are not. And, you should not disclose confidential information (anything you would not want shared) to anyone you don't have an agency agreement with. More on the various types of Agency in future posts...